Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Imperfectly human

Acceptance 2014-  a dear friend said this to me not even knowing that acceptance is my word/theme of the year.  "Acceptance, not control, is the key to happiness".  Wow so very true and so very fitting for me now. 

I am learning to accept and to listen to me, my mind, my body, what do I want?  It isn't always easy or even possible but oh how I love that I am working on it.  I am working to mend some very special bonds in my life.  It is my hope and prayer that things will work out in the way I would like but if they don't, I will be ok.  The end results depend on change in others and this is something I have no control over.  What will happen will happen and it is not my choice other than my contribution to the situation.  My decisions must be made to identify what is best for me and my darling baby girl and the rest is out of my hands.  This effort to mend the broken bonds comes as a surprise to me, I didn't think that I would go there, but I am and it feels right.  Will my efforts make the entire situation ok?  Nope, but my ability to be open and to accept what is will make it ok no matter the outcome.  Accept that myself and others are human and therefore imperfect.  Perfectly imperfect...forgiveness, acceptance, being open to the possibility of change...all what I need to focus on.

Live, Love and Accept

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