Sunday, December 29, 2013

Why wait till 2014? I am starting now

Good morning to everyone. 

As a part of my commitment to accept and create me out of what comes I am going to focus on gratitude.  Gratitude - sounds good, sounds easy enough but how often do I (we) focus on the bad rather than the good?  Bad stands out, our brains are hardwired to see the bad to protect us except that we no longer have the dangers that we once did as humans.  We live in a society where we don't have to run from wild animals or kill for food as humans have in the past, yet we still focus on the bad, the not quite right stuff in our lives.  Some is worthy of focus- I have to think about the events of the past few years in order to work through them and to create a new way of being.  I don't have to make that my sole focus.  A step in that direction is that I am going to create a gratitude list daily  I may do that here, I may do that on my Facebook page or perhaps in the old fashioned paper journal I am going to keep.  Today it will be here. 

I am grateful for:

my healthy child
my own health
tough choices because it means I HAVE choices
time to just be and to reflect
the steps I have taken on this journey to me
my family
my God
my friends that are sometimes just family too
the ability to exercise and create
my home
courage to make my life what I need for myself and my daughter
the choice to no longer enable others
the choice to learn and work on me
this day- that I awoke and can get on my computer in my safe home and make a gratitude list

What are you grateful for?  My intention is to remember this list throughout my day and live in gratitude rather than fear.  My intention is to use my time wisely and really, really live and not just exist. 

Acceptance 2014

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